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How often do you have your carpets and rugs cleaned?

Do you run over it with a vacuum cleaner once a week and think that is enough?  All too often, the answer is yes. Your rugs and carpets harbour dirt, sand, dust mites etc.  and vacuuming sometimes just isn´t enough!   Wet and oily types of soiling will often still remain, and attracts even more dirt!

Most domestic vacuum cleaners aren´t powerful enough to remove all the dirt, deep at the base of the pile, and unless this is removed with a periodical Professional deep clean, this dirt acts as an abrasive on the fibres of your carpet and can literally wear your carpet away. The only solution to extend the life of your carpet, and keep the colours looking as bright as when you bought it, is to have it  Hot Water Extraction Cleaned.  

At PROCLEAN, we provide a thorough and professional Carpet Cleaning Service at sensible prices.  Our modern, powerful,  professional grade, Steam Cleaning Machines, all have twin 3 stage vacuum motors, which clean deeply into carpet fibres removing soiling along with most of the moisture, reducing drying times considerably. Built in heaters, heat the cleaning solution to further increase cleaning power. This together with the latest, Specialist Carpet Cleaning  and Stain Removal Solutions, we achieve excellent results.  

As it is FAST DRYING, you will be using your carpets again within a couple of hours.   We are trained Cleaning Specialists to the highest professional standards, and have established a reputation across Costa Blanca for providing the very best carpet and rug cleaning you can trust and rely on.  We take pride in our carpet cleaning, and make sure our clients are always 100% satisfied.
For a clean and fresh carpet or rug  in your home. Look no further than PROCLEAN´S Carpet  and Rug Cleaning Service.

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