Mattress Cleaning

Have you ever had your mattress cleaned? Do you change the bedclothes and think that is enough?  Mattresses cost large sums of money these days, and coupled to the fact we spend a large portion of our lives on  them, it really does make sense to have them periodically, professionally cleaned.   The fabric holds a large volume of dead skin, soil and dust in addition to colonies of many thousands of dust mites.  

At Proclean, we provide a thorough and professional mattress cleaning service. We utilize environmentally friendly products to remove staining and odours, and the mattress is cleaned with a state of the art commercial cleaning machines to leave your mattress bright, fresh and odour free.

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Car Seat Cleaning

Mattress cleaning

Dust Mites.

Periodic vacuuming & Hot water Extraction helps keep them in check

Why not have your car seating spruced up?

We find that most car seating has usually been previously  incorrectly cleaned.  Detergents left in the fabrics act as “dirt magnets”.  This leads to very fast re-soiling.  Our machines will remove all detergent residues, along with the soiling, leaving your seats like new again.