Have you just invested heavily on a new carpet or couch? Are you worried about stain damage?

If the answer is yes, please enquire about our Stain Guard Protection Systems offered at PROCLEAN.  Many stains are permanent, but with Stain Guard  Protection, your furnishings will be protected for many years to come.  We employ the most modern soil and stain repellant's that guard against oil and water based stains. These professional stain protection treatments can last for upwards of three years (dependant upon usage of furniture carpets etc) and protect against all of the most common household stains.

(*Stain Guard is applied to either new or just cleaned rugs & sofas)


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Do you have a difficult  stain on your carpet, upholstery or rug?  Rather than battle away and

make the problem worse, why  not call in the professionals.   Many stains are removable using specialist techniques and varying types of stain removal products.    

We use the very latest and high-powered cleaning machinery in combination with a wide variety  of specialist cleaning products.  

At PROCLEAN  we will remove most stains completely.  We have removed most stains such as beer, wine, paint, glue, gum, tar, food products,  blood and many more.

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